I Need Your Help In Finding Runaway Teenagers

What I’m about to share with you I feel very strongly about and for the
protection of the kids involved I will not be listing any names or addresses.
 If you would like to help these kids I have a none profit account set up here an you can  DONATE whatever you can it will be
greatly appreciate not only by me but by the kids involved your donation
will go towards the needs they will have like food clothing and personal care
items. If you would like to contact me I would gladly visit with you just send
me an email with your phone number and I’ll call you address at bottom
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My Story On How It All Began
Back in 2002 I went through a very messy divorce because my Ex
wife was out to ruin me she turn my son and daughter against me with
a bunch of lies. I’m not going to bore you with all the details except for 
I lost everything I had and almost my mind but because of my strong 
love for the good Lord and burning desire to rebuild my life I was able to
over come most of it. With the one big exception making amends with 
my kids. It took a while to rebuild my relationship with my daughter and 
now we are closer than we ever were. As far as my son goes shortly after
the divorce he quit his job and pack up his car with all his belongings and
left not saying a word to anyone where he was going or what he was going to do.
I was devastated  and I knew I didn’t want to loss my son I was bound and determined to find him and fix our relationship if possible at the very least give him my side of the story. I started to do a lot of investigating talking to his friends searching the internet for any clues doing everything I could think of
I was convinced somewhere somehow he left a clue where he might go. To make a long story short one day while searching the internet I found where he was working in Denver and now I at least had a chance of fixing our relationship it wasn’t easy and is still a work in progress but we are slowly getting there.  I made a lot of mistakes on the way but I learned a lot on finding a person and how to track them. It takes a lot and the will to succeed but more often than not a person will always leave a clue somewhere on where they might go or end up you just have to know what to look for and where.
I could write a whole book on the subject and maybe one day I will but 
in the mean time my focus has been looking for young teenagers or older
run aways and when possible return them to their parents but in some 
cases it not possible because of the situation at home and there are several
reasons why that isn’t possible when that happens you get them the help 
 that is needed.
I could tell you many stories and hardships of what some of the runaways 
have gone through, its heart breaking and bothers the hell out of me how some 
parents treat their kids some have been sexually abused beaten, and just down right kick out for different reasons because the parents are either alcoholics, drug users or no longer can feed them the list goes on and on. The sad part is
many of these kids will not make it and will become drug users prostitutes 
and probably be dead within a year. I’ve read the reports and statistics its scary
and its very sad the authorities can only do so much to stop it and at some 
point they usually will give up looking for runways because of the numbers involved but at the same time there are some that will make it because of some 
one like me that cares enough to help them no matter what it takes but for 
me to continue I need your help it takes a lot of money to be out on the road
looking and finding them and when you do find them more so than not they 
need food and a place to stay also, a lot of times they haven’t got the basic 
personal care items just to survive plus a change of clothes and the list goes
on not saying anything about medical attention some need asap. My point
here is i’m asking for donations (i’ve made it easy for you) if you would like
to make a donation click here  DONATE for me to continue helping these kids and give them a second chance at leading a productive life and being happy please consider helping make it possible by donating whatever you can.
I’ve seen with my own eyes what these poor kids go through when they are
out there on their own and the hardships they will encounter  are unbelievable
and very sad. Some could go home and some can’t go home because of 
what would happen if they did I’ll leave it at that you can fill in the blanks.
To find a runaway is only the beginning and now the hard part begins. Each
runaway has their own reasons why they left in the first place and their 
feelings are their driving force they feel there was nothing else for them
to do but leave and more so that not they have deep emotional problems that
need to be  dealt with. To get them to open up is not easy and thats
where a lot of professionals fall short because they haven’t gain the trust
to get them to go through a little pain by confronting the real problem that lies within and is brought out into the open so it can really be dealt with. I’m not
a professional or have any real training but I know and have done it many times
getting to the real problems these kids are faced with.
A lot of them will end up at a shelter where they can get some help and a 
place to stay and talk to consolers etc but the problem still exist why they 
ran away in the first place and believe me if the problem isn’t fixed they will
runaway again once they are returned to their parents.
When I find a runaway and it depends on the person how I go about finding
out what really is bothering them and how I can help I have to gain a certain
amount of trust from them before they will really open up and tell me their
inner most feelings and when that happens you deal with it in away they 
can understand and know that your there for them and to help.
The last runaway I found was 18 and I found her in Las Vegas sleeping in a park 
laying on the grass and all she had on to keep her warm was a hooded sweat shirt temperature was around 50 degrees. I casually went up to her and ask if she
was ok and if there was anything I could do for her. She wasn’t very talkative and 
the little she did say between shivers she told me her name and that she was very
cold and having stomach cramps. I got her to my car and turned the heater on high
plus I gave her a blanket that I had in the back seat. After about a half hour she start
talking a little more and I found out she hadn’t eaten in a couple of days and the cramps seem to be getting worse so I told her we are going to ER room and not to worry about anything and I was there for her and wouldn’t leave her side after a doctor got done examining her he told us she needed to have a good meal and the cramps were from her period starting.
I took care of the charges and after we left the ER room the first thing we did was go to 
the nearest restaurant and got her a good meal while she was eating I had to slow her down a couple of times and told her(” the little piggy was eating to fast”) she laugh and wanted to know why I was being so nice and helping her I took her hand and while looking her straight in the eyes (by the way they were blue and I seen a beautiful scared young lady in there} that was troubled and hurting I told her again I wanted to help do what I can to get her life back on track and if she would let me i’ll stay and take care of her until we figure out everything and I won’t leave her till I know she is alright and safe. I no more finished saying that when she came over to my side of the booth and while hugging me she broke down in tears telling me her dad at home was sexually abusing her for the last three years and she left because she couldn’t take anymore plus being afraid to say anything fearing what harm he would do to her. There is  lot more i could say about the abuse this young girl went through and the emotional scares she now has that will never go away. My thoughts and feelings are first she needs to feel she is wanted and loved for the beautiful person she is after spending many hours being and talking with her I was able to get her to start feeling good about herself and she did have a bright productive and happy future ahead of her. 
She finally told me the reason she came to Las Vegas was she has a brother here and no way of contacting him. All we had to go on was his full name and nick name he had as a kid before he left home. After a few days of research I found out where he was working and re-united the two of them they hadn’t seen each other for a few years and they were always very close while they were growing up. Currently they are living together and doing quite well I hear from her ever now and then and the thank you’s never stop.
That is only one story out of many and I’ll leave it there.
It is no secret that a young runway girl will probably end up in prostitution at
some point because they feel thats the only way they can make enough money to survive and of course there will be a pimp that takes their money and controls them and the way he does that is getting them hook on drugs. Once hook they have to stay in order to feed their habit they now have. 
It costs a lot of money to go out on the road looking for runaways and here is why I need your help. I’m not a rich man and have exhausted the money I had helping these kids and when you do find them a lot of times you have to feed them, have a place for them to shower and sleep plus buy them some clothes and personal items etc. plus there are times where you have to take them to the ER room because they have been beaten by a pimp or need some special medical care of sorts.
I’m asking you, if you would be so kind to help me continue doing what I do
and Donate whatever you can it would be greatly appreciated. Not only by me but also for the parents of these kids. I understand only to well I can’t help everyone nor can I solve everybody’s problems but if I can help a few kids and get them back on the right track re-unite them with their parents or someone that cares and loves them it will all be worth it. You can Donate Here Its Easy And Secure
You may ask well what’s in it for me and why do I want to do it the answer is simple because these kids deserve a chance to be happy and lead a productive life especially the ones who have been mistreated and abused for whatever reasons there are and believe me there are many I could go on and on. And also when I see the ones who I’ve helped and most of them will call me from time to time and let me know how they are doing and thank me for everything it brings a feeling I can’t really explain how good it makes me feel that I was there for them. Yes there have been some disappointments and some are beyond help because of drugs or they committed suicide and or over dosing on drugs etc.
Like I said early this is something I take very seriously and want to do my 
part but I can only continue if I get some help from a few good people that
care and are able to Donate some money to my cause.  
To reply to my request send me an email here jhngtz@gmail.com or if you want to talk to me personally ask for my phone number and I’d be glad to visit with you. One more thing if you know of a runaway or family that could
use my help put them in contact with me and I’ll see what I can do.
I only want sincere people to respond that care about these kids they deserve
to be happy and lead a productive life by helping you can make this possible.
thank you for taking the time to read my story.
I have a secure account set up with paypal all credit cards are accepted and
or if you prefer a check send me an email for address. To Donate Click Link