You Are At Great Risk Of Losing Everything

What would you do if you got into a bad accident,  got hurt and landed in the hospital for extended stay and lost your job who would pay the bills how would you live? If you don’t have a back-up plan you are at risk of losing everything you have. 

I know from experience it happen to me, in 2002 I was divorced forced into bankruptcy lost my home, cars, savings and more and in 2004 I was forced to retire from my job after working there for 34 years. I got hurt and was on medical leave for one year rehabbing my Doctor said I wouldn’t be able to continue in my present job and he wouldn’t sign a release, so I could go back to work I was out of medical leave days and seven weeks of vacation I had no other choice but to retire I had nothing left everything was gone no income and I was disabled I finally had hit bottom.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because life has away of throwing you curve balls when you least expect it and if, you are not prepared you are at serious risk of losing everything, if it happen to me it can happen to anyone. I’d like you to take a moment grab a cup of coffee and think about your present life reflecting on …. am I prepared and do I have a back-up plan in place just in case the unexpected happens.

I will finish article soon